Artificial Grass Bideford

If you are considering artificial grass in Bideford or the surrounding areas of North Devon, then contact North Devon Driveways. We supply and install a range of top-quality artificial grass products, perfect for creating attractive gardens and outdoor spaces. Both domestic and commercial clients can benefit from artificial grass as it provides a low-maintenance alternative to traditional lawns and grassed areas. Contact us today to discuss your project and request a quotation.

Artificial Grass Installation

Artificial grass installation is more complex than it appears. Therefore, using a reliable installer like North Devon Driveways ensures your lawn is protected by warranty and will only need doing once! Poor installation can lead to:

  • Unevenness, holes, and areas of sinking
  • Edges lifting and unsightly join lines
  • Weeds and dampness coming through
  • Poor drainage
  • The wrong type of artificial grass being used

Benefits of Artificial Grass

There are numerous benefits of artificial grass, which is why it continues to increase in popularity. While there is an initial investment required, some of the perks include:

  • A perfectly green lawn even in shaded areas, no sun required!
  • Low maintenance gardens for second homes and rented properties.
  • Pet and child-free surfaces with no grass stains or muddy puddles.
  • A choice of shades available, for a lawn that best suits your style.
  • Versatility, for use on both soil and concrete. Ideal for rooftop gardens!
  • UV protected to prevent it from fading or brown patches developing.
  • Saving water as there is no need to hose or use the sprinklers.
  • Saving money and shed space. No need for expensive lawn care tools.
  • More time for your family or visitors to enjoy your outside space

AstroTurf VS Artificial Grass

We are often asked what is better, AstroTurf or artificial grass? Well, in fact AstroTurf is simply a brand name. AstroTurf originated in the USA in the 1960s for use on sports pitches. As a result, artificial grass is often referred to as AstroTurf today. We install a wide range of high-quality artificial grass brands. Furthermore, we will provide expert advice on the best variety for your environment.

Caring for Artificial Grass

As promised, artificial grass is low maintenance, with no watering, weeding or mowing required. If you have pets, then you may want to rinse your lawn more frequently to prevent odours. Likewise, if staining or spills occur, then a more thorough clean may be needed. Otherwise, caring for artificial grass is very simple:

  • Clean – sweep up leaves and twigs from time to time to keep your lawn looking fresh
  • Rinse – if rain is sparce, then rinse your lawn to remove pet urine, dust and pollen
  • Brush – gently brush the lawn on occasion if it has become trodden down or matted

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